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We at Star Bell Auto have started vehicle import business in mid-nineties, with a single yard and few staff members, in the last two decades we have earned a lot of respect and trust from our customers, these customers have provided us with the confidence to operate in other countries, now we have business established in many countries, and we are considered one of the leading names in the Japanese cars import business, we are humbled to these achievements as without the support of our partners and staff we were unable to achieve this much success.

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Our Team

We have got the people you need to import your car and hassle free delivery, you can reply on us for your purchases, and other handling..

Saleem Ahmad

Nigel Mons

Sales Manager
Phone: +263784596133
Tauqeer Ahmad

Shane Boshi

Sales Manager
Phone: +263772345689
Mrs Judy Mary Govender

Cynthina Bera

Clearing Manager
Phone: +260772190388
Tauheed Khaliq


Email: lindiwe@starbellauto.com

We Are The Best

With decades of experience we are the best in business, our reputation speaks for itself, through out south africa region, We have been in business for decades now.

High Quality

The Only reason of our sucess story is that we have never compormised on quality, for some quality is synonym to price, but for us the customer satisfaction is the quality.

Trusted Business partners

For any business to floriush trusted business parterers are needed, luckely we have got the best partners that respond to our requests right away.

Get an Offer

We can provide you with the quality you need, in the price range of your choice, this is what makes us unique, contact us to get any quotes for available stocks.


Customer is a key to our business, most the sales we record are through referlas througgh customers, the reason is our excelent pre sales and after sales customer support

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